Garry's Posts


The Other Parent -I explore the differences between being a mother and a father.
A Homebirth Dad -I write about why, as a father, I was glad our son was born at home.
Like an Animal -I learn of my son’s strongest senses: his sense of smell.
Living Beyond Your Walls -I am reminded how we, as parents, unintentionally limit our children’s world.
Sleep Lately – A few quick thoughts on the question everyone asks new parents
A Natural Parent -I initially stumble in my adjustment into parenthood.
Broken Bones -I learn a few lessons after injuring my ankle.
Struggling to Keep the Baby Shiny and New -A few short stories describe my struggle to keep my son clean and unharmed.
The Forgotten Object – What baby item did we wish we had?
Pregnancy Watchers Revisited – Have I become obsessed with other people's reproductive plans?

Expectant Father

That’s all It Takes? -I write about my panic when I realized the road parenthood was shorter than I had planned.
A Worry Wart -After an abnormal ultrasound, showing a choroid plexus cyst, I experience my first parenthood anxiety.
Second Place- Am I already neglecting my unborn second child?
Pregnancy Watchers -Do you want to have children? No one seemed to directly ask us this question. Here’s why.
Cat Out of the Bag – Discovering our pregnancy is no longer a secret.
The Long Wait . . . – I compare our obstetrician appointments to our midwife appointments.
We Have an Announcement – I'm going to be a father . . . again
A New Name- We have to think of another name
Birthing Class -I write about how a birthing class escalated my fears.
The Midwife and the Apprentice -I begin preparing our son for his siblings birth.
Birth Story -I tell my version of my son's birth.


Love and Marriage -For the first time ever, I feel sentimental at a wedding.
Sweetie, Darling and Other Terms of Affection – I share some of the loving pet names Amanda has for me.
What is a Postilius?

Sex, Gender and Parenting

Superheroes, Princesses and Preschoolers - I wonder at what age is superhero play and entertainment appropriate for my son.
Sex and Death -I contemplate how to best discuss these two topics with my son.
Sex and Death Part Two: Tough Conversations -I revisit a previous post, three years later, as I begin having more conversations with my son about sex and death.
What’s Wrong with “It” – What pronoun do you use when you do not know the sex of your unborn baby?
True Story of How Babie are Made – Our most popular blog! Surprising how many people have ask Google that question.
Public Radio Interview – A radio interview of me talking about the art exhibit I curated on pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Our Son's Early Childhood

Star Pants Saying goodbye to the early childhood clothes is a bittersweet reminder that my son is growing-up.
I Too Little - Watching my son as he becomes aware of his limitations and his own realization that he will overcome them.
Amateur Paleontologists – My son and I fall in love with dinosaurs
Who Is this Elmo Guy? - I try and learn more about the most famous celebrity in toddler-dom.
Sad Songs Say so Much – Thinking about  how my son is learning how hard it is to say goodbye.

Our Parenting Choices

Attached – Are we attachment parents? We didn’t plan to be.
TV Worship -I look at one of Amanda and my parent values before and after our son was born.
Vegetarian Family – Amanda and I attend a workshop for raising a vegetarian child.

Our Home and Our Small Town

A Tour of Our Church - Virtually visit our home
Fitting Ezra into Our Church – My thoughts on living in a one room house with a toddler.
Small Town Talk – I discover we are the topic of town gossip
Winter Lodgers – Mice!!!
The Sequel to Our Creature Feature
The Phantom Menace – Who is causing havoc in our town, and more importantly what havoc?
The Phantom Menace Unmasked – The mystery is solved!?!

Holidays and Vacations

Halloween Costumes -I surrender control and let my son be who he wants.
Space Monkey Halloween Adventure – Dryoma (a Soviet monkey “astronaut”)  and Fidel Castro celebrated Halloween with Postilius.
Summer Vacation and Traditions- We begin to establish our annual summer trip.
Sweeswago – A trip to Chicago

Our Dog and Cats

The One in the Middle -I mourn the loss of one of our pets.
A Nightmare before Christmas
First Come, First Serve – The cat v. The baby
Piper and Lucy, BFF – A story about our dog and his best friend
Piper v Skunk – Our dog loses a stinky fight.

Books and Music

That Song Could be a Lullaby - A playlist of our favorite lullabies for our son
Jesus Sing-A-long - A playlist for our house

What We're Reading:

Parenting Artifacts

Much like anthropologist Jane Goodall immersed herself into the world of the gorillas, Amanda and I are becoming a part of parent culture. Along the way, like all social scientists, we are discovering the many strange and unique tools specific to this exotic culture. Here is a sample of one of our preliminary findings.