About Us

Garry and Amanda live with their two children, Ezra and Fable; their dog, Piper; and cat, Grace, in a late-nineteenth century church. Their first child, Ezra Oak, was born at home in October 2009. Postilius, the blog, was born 9 months earlier than Ezra, and contains essays about their life, their work, and being new parents attempting to raise children in a one-room loft.

Before becoming a father, Garry had not spent much time around children, especially toddlers and infants.  This quickly changed after Ezra’s birth.  At the age of eight weeks, Garry became Ezra’s primary caretaker during the day taking his son to work with him.  At six months, we joined a coop daycare where he works 10 hours a week providing care for Ezra and a dozen kids six months to four years old..

Amanda was ambivalent about motherhood until her biological clock started ticking. As much as she tried to ignore it, suddenly she started noticing babies everywhere.  Ezra was born when she was 34, and she has really enjoyed the experience of being a mom. Amanda’s parenting philosophies mainly center on natural parenting and equally shared parenting.

To learn about the name of our blog you can read What is a Postilius?

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