Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Come, First Serve

The Postilius household’s first “sibling” rivalry has begun.  Grace, our oldest [cat], has recognized Ezra, our youngest [person], as a potential threat.  A threat who has better stuff than her.

Grace believes she is the alpha of our pack, and nobody in our household, myself, Amanda, our 75 pound dog, and especially our other cat, wish to challenge this belief.  We are all happier letting her believe she is our fierce leader.  However, the newest member of the household, Ezra, has not yet found his place in the pecking order.

Therefore, Grace has decided now is the time to assert ownership on anything that belongs to Ezra.  Ezra has begun spending more time out of our arms.  He enjoys sitting on the floor with a pillow and his boppy (a horseshoe shaped pillow).  As soon as we pick him up again, Grace immediately takes his place on the boppy.  He has also started sitting in his bouncer (a hammock-like, chair) a piece of furniture previously ignored by Grace.   The bouncer is now rarely free of her.   The following photos offer further proof that Grace is producing her own private production of Single, White Female.


Burcu said...

Hi Amanda & Gary, congratulations! Ezra looks very cute. We were confused for a second while looking at the pictures on this post, especially the one where Grace is enjoying the bouncer because we have the same bouncer and a very similar looking black cat, Romeo. However Romeo doesn't like the bouncer that much probably because the bouncer is crushed by Atlas' weight and is pretty horizontal now. His favorites are rattle toys!

Garry said...

Hi Burcu,

Nice to hear from you. Ezra has just started to show interest in toys. He looks interested when I play with the wooden rattle toys, but has yet to master the motor skills to hold one.

Amanda and I would love to see more photos of Atlas (and Romeo)!

Burcu said...

Atlas started to grasp things by practicing on the bouncer; the raccoon was the first object he reached for. He spent a lot of time touching and then holding the raccoon--right hand, it took him a while to hold the porcupine on the left side :)

You can see Atlas' pics here