Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cat out of the bag

We attended a family wedding this Saturday. (Congratulations to Amanda’s uncle Terry and his new wife Janna). The wedding was a rare chance to see Amanda’s extended family: her uncles, aunts, and grandma. For several reasons, we have not rushed to share the news of our contribution to the overpopulation crisis. So prior to this weekend, the only wedding guests that knew were Jessica (Amanda’s sister) and Wanda (her mom) and they were both sworn to secrecy.

We were really excited to finally see Amanda’s brother David, his wife Kim, and Amanda’s grandma Emma. One of the [as I previously said] many, reasons we have told so few people is that telling people in person is much more fun. Why not wait a few extra weeks rather than tell someone on the phone? So, following our plan we told David, Kim, and Emma in person. What we did not plan was Amanda’s grandma immediately telling everyone else.

Amanda and I are still surprised at our family’s level of excitement and enthusiasm about this pregnancy. It sometimes seems as though it surpasses our own. Not that I expected them to lack interest, but their thrill is so much more than that of our close friends. When we tell friends they are all happy for us. When we tell our family they are happy for us – and themselves. I have to remind myself that this child will not only make us parents, but our family members grandmas, grandpas, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles. All roles allowing one to share the joy of welcoming this new person into the world who will be an important part of your life and you their life - minus the anxiety of having to raise it.

The wedding also pointed out that our time of keeping this secret is reaching its expiration date. Emma informed us her neighbor had earlier pointed to Amanda and stated, “Wanda’s daughter is pregnant.” Emma replied, “I don’t know. Nobody ever tells me anything.”

A: It’s biological fitness. They are just happy their genes will be around for at least one more generation.

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