Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parenting Artifacts

Much like anthropologist Jane Goodall immersed herself into the world of the gorillas, Amanda and I are becoming a part of parent culture. Along the way, like all social scientists, we are discovering the many strange and unique tools specific to this exotic culture. Here is a sample of one of our preliminary findings.

The Pee-Pee Teepee: For the sprinkling wee-wee
Although we've had a few incidences changing Ezra's diaper, I have never thought I needed a special tool to prevent these "horror stories."  I've always thought that I just need to be faster than Ezra's bladder. 

. . . but The Pee-Pee TeepeeTM comes in several designer prints!  Their motifs include "wiener" dogs, golf, skull and crossbones, surfing, bi-planes, and camouflage.  Something for everyone.  One even looks like a Santa cap that you can place over your son's penis. I have to admit that the hook imagery on the above design makes me feel a little anxious. 

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Chad Roots said...

LOVE the pee-pee teepee :) Just another invention I wish I would have thought of...