Monday, October 21, 2013

We have an announcement

Amanda and I do not stand on mountaintops and make announcements about our lives. Our lack of Facebook updates can attest to this. We do not have personalities that seek a lot of attention and tend to be more private than is probably necessary.

So, we should begin with this announcement: We are having another baby.

We did not rush to tell our friends and family when Amanda was pregnant with our first child, Ezra. This time we have been even slower. We are very excited to be having another baby, but have been unconcerned about making the pregnancy public knowledge. I think there are several reasons we are dragging our feet.

This is our second child so the announcement is a little less life changing. With Ezra, we were becoming parents. Ezra was also the first child in both our families. Moms, dads, brothers and sisters were becoming grandmas, grandpas, uncles and aunts. Currently, my sister and sister-in-law are both pregnant; announcing another pregnancy is no longer “stop the presses” family news. This time, letting people know we are adding to our family seems less urgent giving us an opportunity to enjoy the news in private a little longer.

Another reason we are delaying the announcement is that Amanda had a miscarriage earlier this year. This has given us an even greater desire to keep the pregnancy quiet. We do not doubt that our friends and family will be excited about a new baby, but we also know their excitement will be waiting for us when we are ready.

Yet, the biggest difference with this pregnancy is that there is one person we are much more excited to tell than anyone else: Ezra. Compared to telling him, all other announcements seem trivial and unimportant. A new baby will impact Ezra’s life as much as ours. We are excited but also nervous to talk to him about becoming a brother. Will he be as thrilled as us, upset, worried, indifferent?


Ezra has always told us that having another child was, “a bad idea.”  So, we were surprised by how positive and happy he was to find out our family was growing. We will see if this enthusiasm continues after the baby actually gets here.

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