Friday, January 31, 2014

A new name

The impending arrival of our second child feels very different than the first. Ezra's pregnancy felt like a countdown to a huge, life-changing event. Amanda and I spent nine months obsessing over birth choices, registry lists and parenting philosophies. This pregnancy seems more familiar, more relaxed.

But, some of the anxieties I felt during the first pregnancy are still present. One of the biggest is the stress of choosing a name. Selecting a name for someone else is intimidating, and our baby name list is currently blank.

Amanda and I found selecting a name for Ezra to be just as difficult. Months into the pregnancy, we finally managed to compile a small list of possible names. We initially thought we could draw from that list for the new baby, but looking over the list again, four years later, our opinions of those names has soured. I also feel odd reusing them. The baby will have enough hand-me downs from Ezra, and who wants to be known by their parents’ second favorite name?

Luckily, this time we have extra help. Ezra is excited to pick a name for his little sibling. Whereas I take months to come up with a couple of names, Ezra immediately decided the child should definitely be named Lucas-Fucas. I was impressed.  It appears he is going to be very gifted at torturing his younger brother or sister.

Ezra immediately began referring to the baby as Lucas-Fucas, and even telling people that was the name we had selected. A few weeks later he changed his mind. Little Al was a better name he decided.

“What if the baby is a girl?” we asked.

“That’s easy. Mrs. Al.”

If only I found the naming process so easy.

When Amanda’s brother and sister-in-law were expecting their child, Ezra felt strongly that they should name their new baby Ezra. Like us they thought it best not to take his suggestions.

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