Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Public Radio Interview

As an art curator, part of my job includes speaking with the press about The Kinsey Institute's most recent exhibitions, and I have become accustomed to print journalists being liberal with what they include as a direct quote.  For example, I do not think "[t]he penis is a very popular joke," is exactly what I said during an interview.  Though audio interviews greatly reduce the risk of being misquoted since the words are heard coming directly from your mouth, a whole different level of discomfort is created.  "Did I really say that?" is replaced with, "do I really sound like that?"  Your personal version of your own voice, the one you hear in your head, never quite matches the voice people hear coming from your mouth.

Artworks, a local public radio program, has started covering our exhibits at The Kinsey Institute.  I have now been included in three of these interviews.  Though I am still uncomfortable with my voice, I am pleased with the quality of the interviews.  I especially enjoyed the most recent piece by YaĆ«l Ksander covering our current exhibit Nature & Nurture

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