Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fitting Ezra into Our Church

Eliza Brownhome at Bluebird Mama recently started a Facebook photo album titled “Subtleties.” She describes the album as a collection of, “the smaller clues that give it away that I live with children.” The images included her bookshelf full of parenting, pregnancy and birth books as well as the small collections, creations and cracks that gather around living spaces shared with kids.

Brownhome invited her readers to add their own images to her “Subtleties” project. I loved the theme, and as I looked around our church, beginning to think of possible photographs to contribute, I realized that there wasn’t any subtlety to a child living in our house.

Our church is an open, single room with a loft, and as far as churches go, it is extremely humble at approximately 1100 square feet. When Amanda and I decided to have a baby we discussed how – or even if it was possible – to add a child’s things into our home. We not only lack a separate room to tuck away the kid’s accoutrements, but we don’t even have closets. We moved into the church excited by the challenge of dealing with our material possessions, and being forced to simplify and streamline our lives. Could we continue this with a third person? I am also a very aesthetic person. Could we add a child's belongings to our church without overcrowding and compromising our style?

What we discovered was that much like Ezra has become integrated into our lives, his belongings have become integrated into our church. Even when he is absent, his presence is felt.

 A play kitchen has become a part of our kitchen.

Shelves have both art and tea sets.

Stuffed animals have joined pillows.

Chalkboard grocery lists include drawings.

Sinks need stools.

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