Thursday, April 9, 2009

The long wait. . .

Thursday was our first appointment with our obstetrician who will provide back-up care if we are unable to have the birth at home. The appointment was interesting primarily in its contrast to the midwife appointment three days earlier. The same procedures were performed but this time in an office (rather than our cozy home), with more paperwork, and less conversation. The doctor was nice and incredibly supportive of our birth plan, but I think since he isn’t our primary care person we all had an unspoken agreement that the visit was a formality. We heard the heartbeat again, he asked a few questions, we declined a few tests, we set-up our appointment schedules (2 more visits and an ultrasound).

The biggest difference was that going to the doctor’s office also includes going to the doctor’s waiting room (where we spent 4/5 of our time). The waiting room was a great place for people watching. Who would have thought it was acceptable to bring a bottle of Mountain Dew or a Big Gulp to your OB appointment? Why did that woman get so mad at her baby’s father for speaking to a man in the parking lot she didn’t recognize? Why did that woman think it was necessary to repeat she didn’t care if the doctor “welded, burnt, sewed up, or ripped out her tubes. [She wasn’t] getting pregnant again” 3 times in one conversation?

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