Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jesus sing-a-long

I am not Christian, but I love songs about Jesus and his Old Testament friends.

Ezra seems to share my passion for the songs of Christ. His current favorite song is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. He discovered this Christmas hymn watching the Peanut’s Christmas special, and sings it constantly. He carries the melody beautifully, but has no idea what the lyrics are.

Ezra is not familiar with Christian mythology or its lexicon and many of the words in the song are no longer in common usage. When was the last time you used hark, herald or ye in a sentence? This lack of knowledge makes understanding the actual lyrics incredibly challenging. Ezra’s version of the song is full of garbled words, a "newborn king," and "pizza on earth." He also believes the last line in the song is “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!” which must make the song’s storyline even more confusing.

I am not surprised Ezra enjoys Christian music. Amanda and I made this playlist when we moved into our church, and we had it in pretty heavy rotation when Ezra was in utero.

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