Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What We're Reading: Bus

Wheelie Board Books: Bus is the first book that Ezra picked out on his own.  Browsing the bookstore, he looked through several non-fiction animal books, a couple of Little Golden Books, and excitedly looked over the large selection of titles featuring his favorite celebrities, Elmo and Cookie.  Watching him peruse the store’s selection, I couldn’t help but cynically think that Ezra probably shouldn’t get too used to wandering through the aisles of books.  As the number of stores continues to decline and e-books continue to become more popular, bookstores seem destined to become a nostalgic memory relegated to the “good old days.”

Though Ezra was interested in many of the books, he decided the one that had to go home with him was Bus from the Wheelie Board Books series on vehicles.  Each book in the series features photographs of different types of a specific vehicle such as fire trucks, tractors, or sports cars.  What really makes the books impossible to resist (especially to this little boy) is that they are shaped like the featured vehicle, in this case a yellow school bus, with working wheels.

I was not surprised this was the book Ezra selected.  He has become obsessed with buses.  When a bus passes our car he points and cheers,  “BUS!”  When the public schools were in session he insisted on tagging along during the morning walk with our dog, Piper, so he could spot the school buses picking up kids.  His obsession is contagious.  I previously did not pay much attention to buses unless I was waiting for one or avoiding being hit by one on a walk.  Now I notice every bus that drives by, and cannot help but whisper to myself “BUS!”.

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