Monday, March 29, 2010

Week in Review: March 15-28

Ezra's First Day of Spring

For the first day of spring Ezra wore his dandelion print pants.
We dyed eggs with natural dyes made from turmeric, red cabbage and beet juice.  
We hiked at Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve, and as with most of our walks, a stray dog joined us.
And, Effie and Squash joined us for dinner.

Ezra's First Babysitter
Ezra with Jenny and Liana
Ezra was away from his mom or dad for the first time.  He spent an hour and a half with Garry's co-worker Liana and her son.  They took a walk in Liana's neighborhood, danced, played with toys, and had a great time.  Garry and Amanda had a nice, but anxious date. 

Ezra's First Solid Foods
Though he is more interested in playing with the spoon and bowl than actually eating, Ezra has begun "eating" rice cereal and sweet potatoes.

And, Ezra and Grace Continue their Rivalry

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