Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Review: March 1-14

Ezra was accepted into daycare.
 He also got these new pants (we did not have a photo of the daycare).  We really like his new pants, but are much more excited that he (and Garry) will be starting at KneeHigh a co-op daycare in Bloomington in the next few weeks.

Posto family reunion.
 Amanda's brother Jon (here with his grandmother, Emma) came from Phoenix for a few days
 bringing the Postos together for the first time in 5? 6? 7? . . . in many years.

Chocolate pancakes, mmmmmmmmmm!
 We made chocolate pancakes two weekends in a row.  This is how we photographed them.
 This is how we ate them.

And, we all made a few new friends.

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mama amy bee said...

mmmm... whipped cream. sometimes i'm tempted to just eat a whole bowl dusted with cocoa and sprinkled with sliced almonds.

knee high looks like such an amazing child care co-op! i'm excited for you all. moving forward into different stages is pretty exciting. congrats! the other kids will have great care by you.