Thursday, March 18, 2010

Other People's Stuff

As we prepare for Ezra to make his transition to daycare we have been thinking about how, when, and where he sleeps, and this article caught Amanda’s attention. Currently he sleeps in our bed after being nursed to sleep.  He naps while being worn in a baby carrier or in the car seat during our commute.  The time for lonely naps and earlier bedtimes is upon him.  Maybe?

In The Battle Over “Cry It Out” Sleep Training, author Ada Calhoun, points out that very few parents read books and ideas that are outside their parenting philosophies (in this case cry-it-out methods versus attachment parenting).  We have observed this in ourselves and other parents and have discussed reading parenting books we do not necessarily agree with.  We think this would help us be well-rounded, but honestly we barely have time to read the books we do agree with. 

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