Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pregnancy cravings

In movies, a pregnant woman is often portrayed as a person no longer in control of her body. A fetus, this alien being, has hijacked her body and is now using it to fulfill all of its wishes and desires.  Through its mother’s mouth it screams, “I need pickles, NOW!!” That it is 2 am during a blizzard makes little difference, the father must follow her demands or receive the wrath of his possessed wife.

Weird food cravings and insatiable hunger are the favorite pregnancy symptom of screenwriters  especially when trying to make an audience laugh. I have always believed these food issues to be greatly exaggerated if not fictitious. Amanda did not have any cravings when pregnant with Ezra, and though slightly hungrier than normal, she didn’t eat any differently than before she was pregnant.

Amanda thinks this pregnancy will be the same, but I have my doubts. Dipping corn tortilla chips in ice cream and honey, something she has never done, is not “perfectly normal” and as ordinary as she is trying to convince me.

Maybe this will be more of a Hollywood pregnancy, but I do not really have much time to think about it right now. I need to make a midnight run to the market . . .

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