Sunday, December 22, 2013

22 Weeks

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry has a great exhibit on the human body, You! The Experience. The exhibit explores areas such as "your mind," "your movement," and "your appetite." For obvious reasons, our family was mostly interested in "your beginning," the section devoted to pregnancy and fetal development. The display includes an interactive illustration of a pregnant woman's body in profile. You can adjust the weeks to see the growth of the fetus and where it pushes all of her internal organs. This is a great way of pointing out to the non-pregnant partner why you need to pee constantly! You can play with it on the exhibit's website.
There was also a display of 24 human fetuses at different stages of development, including one at the same gestation as our baby. We knew the baby should be 7 1/2" crown to rump, but seeing this specimen pointed out that - Wow, the baby is big!

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