Monday, July 22, 2013

Conversation with Ezra

The other night, while playing with some toys, Ezra looked up and pointed to my chest.

Ezra: “I used to nurse there when I was a baby and now I don’t.”

Me: “Yes, and Nora nurses and Lincoln will nurse when he’s born.”

Ezra: “And you can nurse them too, Mommy.”

Me: “Oh, I can’t, I don’t have any more milk.”

Ezra: “Why not? Because you don’t drink milk?”

Me: “I made milk when you were little, but now I don’t because you don’t need it. If I had another baby, I would make more milk.”

Ezra: “So if I had a brother or sister, you could nurse.”

Me: “Yes. Do you want a brother or sister?”

Ezra: “No way!”

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