Tuesday, February 26, 2013

License my Midwife: CPM Licensure Passes House, Proceeds to Senate Health Committee

Image by Toby Blackwood
The Indiana House passed the midwifery licensure bill (HB1135) yesterday evening 63 to 32 with broad support from both parties.

During the discussion of the bill, a number of representatives, both Democrat and Republican, male and female, spoke eloquently, persuasively and compassionately in support of the bill. Notably, two representatives were born at home! Several spoke on behalf of their Amish constituency – Indiana has the 3rd largest Amish population in the U.S., a fact alone, which begs for CPM licensure.

Many spoke in favor of choice. A woman’s right to choose where and how she gives birth.

Unlike their colleagues who spoke in opposition to the bill, they recognized the expertise and skill of the CPM credential.

It was encouraging to see our midwives held in high esteem by a majority of legislators in our state who chose to support this bill and vote yes.

What comes next?

The bill now moves to the Senate Health Committee for a hearing with testimony. If approved by the committee, it will proceed to the full Senate for a vote. This legislation, if it becomes law, will license Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs). It will safeguard mothers and families who choose to birth at home by preventing untrained, lay midwives from legally practicing in the state.

For Indiana residents who support CPM licensure – now is the time to contact members of the Senate Health Committee.

Find your state senator. If they sit on the Senate Health Committee (see below), contact them to voice your support for the bill and ask them to vote yes. Let them know you are their constituent. Be brief, friendly and polite. You do not need to have had a homebirth to support this bill. If you support the choice of Indiana mothers and families to birth at home and their safe, legal access to CPMs, please contact your senator today.

Finally, join the Facebook group Indiana Push for Midwives to find out what you can do to help support this grassroots movement.

Members of the Senate Health Committee:
Senator Patricia Miller (Senate District 32), Chair
Senator Jean Breaux (SD 34), R.M.M.
Senator Ed Charbonneau (SD 5) R.M.
Senator Frank Mrvan (SD 1)
Senator Vaneta Becker (SD 50)
Senator Mark Stoops (SD 40)
Senator Rod Bray (SD 37)
Senator Greg Taylor (SD 33)
Senator Ron Grooms (SD 46)
Senator Jean Leising (SD 42)
Senator Pete Miller (SD 24)
Senator Ryan Mishler (SD 9)

Email your Senator using the following scheme: s#@in.gov, where # is replaced by their senate district number.

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