Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Cute Child's Apron, A Birthday Gift

Check out my first sewing project this year! I made an apron as a birthday gift for Ezra’s BFF – the wee girl at Sagetribe who loves to cook. I wanted to make her something cute, as well as functional, and voilà …

I think it’s pretty cute!

It was really nice to sew something and this apron was fun and fairly simple to construct. I am, for the most part, really happy with it. I felt a bit rusty since I haven’t sewn anything in quite a while, and I’m using a sewing machine that I’m still not very familiar with. Also, to my great frustration, I didn’t find my good sewing scissors until after I had finished it. I do like the construction of the bib and ties, and I’m totally in love with the binding on the gathered pockets, so here are some more photos (I don’t get tired of looking at them so I’ll share).

This was a good project for myself after such a long hiatus from sewing. The process of creating something from scratch as a gift for a dear girl was also a great gift to myself.


Anonymous said...

Amanda, that is an awesome apron! I love it. Good job doing a sewing project already this year!

Amanda said...

Thanks, glacialdistance! It's one of the only fronts on which I'm making progress really, but I'll keep you posted.