Friday, August 27, 2010


Amanda has always been obsessed with spotting coincidences in her daily life.  Just recently, her co-worker mentioned the name of a fictitious scientist just after Amanda learned of his “existence” from a novel she had just finished reading.

Since Ezra has been enjoying the oeuvre of They Might Be Giants, one of our favorite albums from our college years has been on heavy rotation. “It’s a brand new record for 1990; They Might be Giants' brand new album: Flood,” the CD begins. Really, 1990?!  We have been relearning the lyrics to the first song on the album, “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” and singing it to Ezra in the car.  We were surprised and excited when this twenty-year old song made an unexpected appearance on our new favorite show, Pushing Daisies.  Our current favorite song and current favorite television show together.  Coincidence?

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