Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter to Ezra at 11 months

Dear Ezra,

You’ve changed remarkably since I wrote my last letterWhat a difference four weeks can make!  For starters, you now have TWO teeth!

You can do so much more with two teeth than just one.

You’re still quite the dairy-guy and love mama’s milk, yogurt and cheese.  You’re quite fond of Cheerios, crackers and bread too.  But, you also have a preference for strong flavors; you liked our Pad Thai and Eggplant Parmesan, roasted Brussels sprouts and curry-spiced carrot soup.  And we don’t have to worry about an iron or protein deficiency as you will happily eat black beans, tofu and hummus. Oddly enough, you’ve refused our home-cooked macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.

You’re spending more time playing with blocks.

It’s been fun to watch you study their dimensions, stack them or put your other toys inside of them. You’ve just started doing these things and when you stack three blocks together or put a toy inside a block you have a big smile of accomplishment and pleasure on your face.  What a new, fun thing you’ve found to do!  You also enjoy passing your toys back and forth with your father and me and moving your blocks from one container to another.

Some of your favorite activities and interests include swinging,


playing with balls,

getting your teeth brushed, and being read to.  You still love Peek A Who, but also enjoy hearing many other books from your library.

Every evening before bedtime, we go on a family walk – you, your father, Piper and I.  It’s a pleasant, quiet time for us to talk about our day and for you to calm down before going to sleep. Whether you are playing quietly or noisily, sleeping peacefully or fitfully tossing and turning through the night, I love you completely.

Your first birthday is right around the corner, and I am so excited!  We’ve sent invitations, we’ve ordered your present and decided on a cake. We’re getting closer to ready and so are you. Now, when you wear a shirt and pants you look just like a little boy!

Your mom


Mary Helen said... was so wonderful seeing your family at the Kinsey Friday night, even though it was a little too crazy populated for a real visit. Y'all were looking wonderful, though, all three of you. Lucky Ezra.

Amanda said...

Oh, thanks Mary Helen. We should have a real visit so we can sit down and chat. You looked radiantly happy!