Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebrating Love and Home

August 2010 is remarkable in the Postilius household for a couple reasons.  First, Garry and I have now been together for 15 years.

There isn’t a calendar date associated with the start of our romantic relationship.  No marking of a first date or wedding to define this month as the start of our relationship together.  This month is more an upper boundary on a period of transition from good friends to realizing we were more than “just friends” and a shared recognition of our desire.

Our friendship started during college, our romance burgeoned on a study abroad program in Italy and our relationship has lasted through periods of levity and turmoil.

During the course of our 15-year relationship, we have moved a lot. During our first year together, we had four housemates.  Our shortest stay was 9 months in a too-small apartment overlooking a construction area.  The rental house we feel most fondly of, while not legally condemned, has been personally condemned by our families.  Given all our moving, we haven’t lived in any one place for too long. 

So it’s notable that this month we’ve also now lived in our home four years – our wonderful, one-room, converted church. 

It’s the longest we’ve lived anywhere together. Add a couple more years and this will be the longest I’ve ever lived under one roof. I’m honored to share my life, my home, my body and love with my spouse, lover and friend.

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Rachel said...

You guys are too cute! How wonderful. Congrats on 15 years!!!!