Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who said what?

Below is a list of the first 10 people we told. Try and guess their first response.

1. Catherine
2. Wanda, Amanda’s mom
3. Norm, Amanda’s dad
4. Kristal & Stacy
5. Stefanie, Garry’s sister
6. Josh, Stefanie's husband
7. Jessie, Amanda’s sister
8. Sandy, Garry’s mom
9. Sara
10. Steve, Sandy's boyfriend

a. “Are you going to have it in the church [we live in a renovated church]?”
b. “Have you seen a doctor yet? “ After thinking a few minutes began to fantasize about this snowballing into many more family pregnancies.
c. “When can I tell people?”
d. “I thought maybe you were. Do you want to know the sex?”
e. “ I hope it’s a boy”
f. “We were wondering when or if you were going to”
g. A shocked look followed by enthusiastic hugs. “Was it planned or an accident?”
h. “Have you considered the name Harold?”
i. “You are going to be great parents.” “Have you thought about your birth plan?”
j. “Is this a good thing? . . . Yay!”

1. d 2.g 3. b 4. a 5. f 6. e 7. j 8.c 9. i 10. h (his first name is Harold)

Both our sisters also mentioned they were excited to spoil the child. This will be the first grandchild/niece/nephew in both our families. We are a family of slow breeders.

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