Sunday, January 12, 2014

Glazed tofu with bok choy

This meal reminds me of picking up dinner at our local co-op grocery store's, Bloomingfoods, hot bar - tasty, healthy, balanced and comforting. I love meals like this and this one is really good - trust me.

I was looking for tofu recipes and came across this one for glazed tofu with bok choy, which seemed like a good starting point. A few things stood out as needing altered, notably starting with two cups of broth and reducing the volume by half, the absence of heat in the glaze, and topping the bok choy with gravy. After trying a couple variations on the glaze, I finally tweaked the recipe to both mine and Garry's liking, and I think we'll be eating this several more times this winter.

We served it here with brown rice and a side of mashed potatoes. It's pretty quick to throw together, especially if the tofu is pressed in advance.

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