Friday, July 26, 2013

Old Fashioned Raspberry Jam

Ezra picked raspberries with his Grandpa Harold and Grandma Sandy last weekend from their vines. We debated for a couple days what we should do with the berries. Harold and Sandy suggested baking a pie. Ezra wanted to freeze them for smoothies. Sorbet? Syrup?

We decided to make jam. Garry found a recipe for Old Fashioned Raspberry Jam. Rather than using pectin, this jam relies on cooking the fruit and sugar until it gels. We were curious since we’ve never tried making jam this way before. Could we do it right? We also liked that the recipe uses less sugar than one with pectin.

It worked! We used 4 cups of crushed raspberries and didn’t need to mash the berries over heat in step 2. Using crushed berries produced a jam with just the right amount of sweetness. We used the spoon test to see when the jam had gelled and found we needed to boil the jam longer, approximately 20 minutes, though perhaps we were just being cautious. At the end, we skipped processing in a boiling water bath and just stuck it in the fridge instead to enjoy over the next few weeks.

It’s quite delicious, vibrant and beautiful. Visit us and sample it!

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