Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mustaches of 2012

Maybe it started with a milk mustache?
Something sparked a mustache obsession with Ezra. 

I know he is not alone. Mustaches, or at least fake mustaches, seem to be everywhere. 

But, I don't think that is the source of Ezra's interest. He is not that exposed to popular culture, and I have never caught him browsing Etsy or Pinterest on our laptop. I don't think he realizes mustaches are trendy. He just wants one.
He is often seen trying on different styles. Sometimes he wears a mustache of the do-it-yourself with face paint or marker variety.
Other times, he turns a random objects into mustaches of various sizes. "Look! I have a mustache!" he will exclaim while holding a pencil below his nose.

Ezra is definitely enamored with mustaches as much as any hipster, but Ezra's passion seems sincere. The mustache trend mocks the idea of growing a mustache. The trend says, "mustaches are absurd. Look, a picture of a pug with a mustache! Ha, ha, ha. Look, I'm pretending to have a handlebar mustache! Ha, ha, ha." Ezra is funny and enjoys making people laugh, but in this case I don't think his mustaches are jokes. I think Ezra genuinely would like to grow a mustache.

Maybe, someday he will succeed in making mustaches cool and un-ironic again. I hope this includes a starring role in a reboot of the classic 1980s T.V. series Magnum, P.I.

On a side note, my personal nominees for Best Implementation of a Mustache are: 
Burt Reynolds
Snidely Whiplash
my 8th grade history teacher
and this episode of The Tick

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