Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fourth Blogiversary

Today is the fourth anniversary of our blog. Over the next year we plan to incorporate some changes to our site. The first change has already happened … we've switched to our own domain name! You can now find our blog at

Postilius started as a place for us to document and share our transition into parenthood. We covered Ezra’s gestation and birth and since then, we’ve covered a little bit of everything else along the way. We’re discovering that parenting itself is a dynamic process and this blog has been a valuable and retrospective place for us to formulate (and sometimes rethink) our ideas, share our observations, and capture our memories.

We’re not certain where Postilius will be in a year, but we have a few goals. First, we plan to post regularly. We will continue to write about what is currently happening in our life as well as filling in some of the gaps created from posting so little last year. Second, we hope to become more a part of the blogging community. We are looking forward to finding the time to read and comment on more blogs, and interacting with other bloggers. So, send us some suggestions on your favorite blogs or share a link to your own blog. Third, we’re tweaking the look of our blog so expect some visual changes in the next few weeks and months.

Garry and Amanda

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