Thursday, August 25, 2011

Belly Ice

Ezra is becoming a picky eater. He's never been a great eater - frankly, he's not that big of a guy and has never experienced the hunger of a sudden growth spurt - but he's given up a lot of his previously favorite foods. For example blueberries, bananas and yogurt are now all rejected. These are kind of biggies since they're healthy, and he now just seems to prefer carbs.

Ezra however loves ice. He asks for ice all the time. Since ice is not exactly full of nutrition, I froze some blueberries last week and offered them to him as "blueberry ice." I really like to snack on frozen blueberries and hoped Ezra would too.  He loves his (renamed) "belly ice," and asks for it constantly. Too bad he's not actually eating them! He puts them in his mouth one at at time just until they start to thaw and moves on to the next. It's good I like them because I'm the one actually eating them. At least  he is putting healthy food in his mouth, even if only for seconds.

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