Friday, March 4, 2011

Along the B-Line Trail

Just a couple weeks ago, the weather was warm enough that we were walking through downtown Bloomington along the B-Line Trail. Ezra enjoyed the uptick in temperature, gaily singing and running along as my Mom and I walked at a more ambling pace.

I was reminded of the fact that Ezra has been along this stretch of the B-Line Trail before. It's just passed the 1-year mark since we saw Malcolm Dalglish's The Welcome Table and we walked – no marched! – from the Buskirk Chumley Theater to Dale Enoch’s sculpture The Bloomington Banquet. We were gaily singing then too! There must be something about the B-Line Trail and a festive spring atmosphere that brings out bursts of song and activity.


Hollow Life said...

Enjoyed your video. Ezra looks like he loves walking the B-Line trail. Uncle Squash and I would love to walk the trail with him. Loved his striped outfit!!

Amanda said...

Ezra just loves walking! He wants to walk to and from daycare, around the block with Piper, anywhere and everywhere. We like his outfit too! I kind of want to have a fashion show and photo shoot of all his outfits I like. Dorky I know and I'm sure he'd be cooperative since he loves getting dressed so much. Which is to say he doesn't like it AT ALL!