Monday, March 21, 2011

A Look Back: February 21-March 6

We had a busy couple weeks in the Postilius household! We took a weekend trip with Amanda's sister, brother and sister-in-law to Chicago. We ate deep dish Chicago Style pizza at the very first Pizzeria Uno (established 1943). We rode the 'L.' We visited museums. Well, more accurately Jessica, David and Kim visited museums and we mostly visited the children's play rooms in the Field Museum and Art Institute. On our return we stopped in Lafayette to wish Amanda's grandmother a happy 85th birthday (Happy Birthday Emma!).

On Friday, we went to Ezra's inaugural First Friday at WonderLab, Bloomington's children's science museum. There were a lot of families and kids, and Ezra had a lot of fun!

Garry spent his first night away from Ezra and returned to his hometown for his grandmother's 80th birthday party (Happy Birthday Maxine!). He missed Ezra and was surprised he did not sleep better in a bed by himself.

 Happy Birthday Emma and Maxine!

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