Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Week: The chase is on

Ezra loves his two infant cousins. Why wouldn’t he? Besides being adorable, they both beam at the sight of their older cousin. They giggle at his funny faces and antics, and find even his mundane actions completely fascinating. They are a captive, adoring, and fully attentive audience.

Over the last month, Ezra is beginning to realize that all good things must come to an end - or at least change. His once passive fans are becoming toddlers.

Wait they can move now?
And, take my things?

Can’t you let me read in quiet for just two minutes?

I have enjoyed watching Ezra assume this new role. Rather than the entertainer, he is learning to become a patient, giving older playmate with his cousins. With this new role, he is learning to place his little cousins’ (and eventually little sister’s) needs above his own.  He is also learning an important lesson: it is tough being the “grown-up.”

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Jaxon Oakley said...

I am too much happy.