Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Look Back: January 30-February 5

What have we been up to?  We discontinued our Week in Review almost a year ago, but recently  decided we missed sharing some of the simple things that summarize our week.  So, we are reintroducing our quick summary of our week with "A Look Back."

Garry shaved off his Winter Beard (this photo is from mid-January, not at the beards' height) just in time for . . .
winter storm, after winter storm.

To help warm us up, Amanda and Ezra had a soup cook-off.

Ezra has been super excited about going to daycare, and no longer cries when we drop him off.  Although sometimes he cries when we pick him up.

And, Amanda's boss gave Ezra this great sweater.  Ezra can tell you about it . . .

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Our photo album has now been updated to include December and January.

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Hollow Life said...

Ezra looks super cute with his "briefcase" for daycare. Good post. Hope for more week in reviews!!