Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week in Review: February 1-7

This was a rough week for our house, both our physical dwelling and our inhabitants. Our hot water heater broke on Tuesday evening. It wasn't repaired until Friday, but thankfully was an easy fix - for a plumber that is. Garry diagnosed the problem (a faulty thermocouple), but we didn't have the means or skill to repair it ourselves. Unfortunately for Amanda, she unwisely chose not to shower Monday or Tuesday mornings. By Wednesday evening, Amanda was so desperate she showered on campus and found herself in a shower also occupied by a bottle of medicated soap. Luckily we have remained fungus free . . . so far. Friday evening one leg of our sleeper sofa fell through a soft spot in the wood flooring. We have a hole in our floor! We've covered it with a box for now. Garry and Ezra rounded out the week by catching a cold, but Ezra fared better than Garry. The antimicrobial properties in breastmilk seemed to keep his cold at bay. In retrospect, Garry should have had some breastmilk too.

It was a big week for Ezra! He started using high-pitched vocalizations (a.k.a. shrieking). He now sounds like a monkey much of the time. He also can sit up on his own when placed in a sitting position.

Saturday we met friends at Upland to belatedly celebrate Amanda's 35th birthday. It was a lot of fun, and we'd like to make seeing friends a more regular occasion. The birthday celebrations aren't complete though! We still need to get a salt caramel sundae at BLU Boy Chocolate Cafe and go on a hot air balloon ride.

Sunday we had brunch at Roots and then attended Bloomington Area Birth Services' first-ever Baby Fair at the Bloomington Convention Center. We avoided most of the vendor booths. In fact we primarily only visited booths featuring photos of Ezra. These included the doula booth and the Kinsey Institute booth. We chatted with friends, took in another baby music class, and attended Amy Makice's seminar "Positive Parenting." See more photos of us at the Baby Fair here and here.

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