Sunday, October 11, 2009

Final Update: The final weeks of pregnancy

Week 32
: A chance of showers
The baby's first shower took place this week. We had a wonderful time with our family and a few friends.

This shower quickly develops into a downpour (of generosity!) with three more showers to follow in the next few weeks.

See more photos at our photo album.

Week 33: Yoga for two

One of the baby's favorite in utero activites is yoga. Amanda ends each session by lying on the floor in corpse pose and meditates. The baby does not understand this as a calm time as this is when it becomes most active. I hope this does not foreshadow things to come.

Week 34: Rainy days are coming to an end, I hope
This is likely to be the last time pregnant Amanda is able to wear her rain coat. The zipper became quite stressed as it was forced over her belly.

Week 35: Green, misty morning hike

Week 36: More hiking
Went hiking and wading through McCormick's Creek. Amanda swam in one of the creek's underground spring fed, wading pools. Everyone was relieved the frigid temperature did not cause shock-induced premature labor.

Week 36, part 2: The incredible shrinking baby

Beginning week 34 we precisely tracked the growth of Amanda's belly using the scientific and accurate method of Garry tracing Amanda on our blackboard. Oddly, we noticed that between week 35 and week 36 Amanda's belly seemed to slightly shrink rather than grow. We doubted there could be error in the flawless method of measurement we had developed, and we were right. Our midwife's measurements also indicated a slight shrinkage most likely from the baby shifting positions.

Week 37: Definitely growing again

Week 38: The final week
Five days before the birth.
Two days before the birth.

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