Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 21: Extra update

I’ve been able to feel the baby’s movements for nearly three weeks now, but up until this week, it was primarily only at times when I was very still and not otherwise preoccupied. I felt the baby in the mornings and at night when I was in bed, but only rarely during the day, sometimes the occasional somersault. Its activity level on a day-to-day basis was fairly even. However this week the baby has been both busy and restful at opposite extremes. At the beginning of this week, the baby was incredibly active and I could feel it all throughout the day. Up until Wednesday, at which point I didn’t really feel it at all. From Wednesday through Friday, its movements were less noticeable than since before week 18 causing a little worry on my part. I was unaware that the position of the baby affects how strongly I can feel it. Its movements are less noticeable when its arms and legs are facing my back. I suspect that is where it was during those quiet days – entertaining itself with my internal organs. The movements increased once again by Saturday evening (was it because we were shopping for you baby?) and strengthened so much that Garry felt it move for the first time Saturday night!

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