Friday, May 22, 2009

Garage Sale Shopping

Last Saturday we spent the morning with David and Kim, Amanda’s brother and his wife, garage sale shopping at their neighborhood’s annual sale. Though the large baby items (furniture, strollers, etc.) disappeared as soon as the sales opened Friday morning, we did acquire a pile of clothes, books, and a couple of toys. A pile that will remain a pile until we empty out a few of our dresser drawers to turn over to the kid.

This was our first outing to buy anything for the baby, and we felt it was a pretty successful start. See picture below. The garage sales also pointed out a few things. For example, this kid is going to grow quickly! Our due date is in October, but we are trying to stock up on clothing for the next year or two. Looking at seasonal clothes and predicting what size it is going to be next spring, the following fall, even this winter made me suddenly realize how quickly it is going to change over such a short period. If I haven’t mentioned this before I am very visual. Looking at a winter coat I realized for the first time, “wow, it is going to be that big by this winter?”

The other thing Amanda and I noticed is that girl’s clothing is a sea of pink with a few purple glittery, flower accents. One talkative garage sale proprietor asked if we were having a boy or a girl. When we replied that we were not finding out the sex before birth she declared that we must want a boy because, “we seemed to be leaning towards the boy’s clothing”. The truth is I suspect we will probably buy primarily boys’ clothes regardless of the baby’s sex. Though some are pretty manly with construction vehicle themes, in general the boys’ clothes seem more unisex than girls’ clothes. At least in my world girls can like dinosaurs and robots as much as boys (and boys can like flowers and glitter). Maybe if we have a girl she will like pink and lace, but if genetics help determine taste I would be surprised. I cannot imagine that the little girl versions of Amanda, our sisters, or our moms ever wanted to dress like a princess.

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stef b. said...

If you guys had a girly girl, I would be lost. Aunt Stef is a tomboy and hopes to have some fun with either a niece or nephew, hiking, playing with creek life and catch if I am lucky.